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Mathieu Rouquié

Welcome to my work platform

A unique and personal production venue that exhibits a different and complementary approach to the subject of music.

With the cello, the viola da gamba, but not only ...

I encourage living and acoustic music, through action on a human scale, close to you, directly in contact with you, and with one or more local artists.

The opportunity for you to experience music as you will probably never have experienced before, far from internet subscriptions.

I bring a way to act against standardization, for a reasoned world, through an original, local and quality solution.

Do you need just one professional musician? or a musical group for a birthday, in French-speaking Switzerland, in Lausanne, Morges, etc…?
I answer your request for cello private concert and private Swiss concert

For your search for musicians for an anniversary party, or for an anniversary day, I am delighted to receive your request here, and to present my respectful and realistic musician rates to you.


When music comes to applied physics !