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Welcome to my work platform :

A unique production venue that exhibits a different and complementary approach to the subject of music. 

Since 2008, when I finished my official studies, I have created and invented my profession by putting into it what excites me, and striving to respond to what the public asks of me.

It is a huge task to be of service to the community.

Thank you in advance if you choose to provide support for this professional and artistic operation, such as for the maintenance and realization of specific projects

  • Teaching, classroom management (auditions, group workshops)
  • Musical and technical maintenance and learning (cello, viola da gamba, hunting horn)
  • Learning the maintenance of stringed instruments
  • Musical entertainment on request
  • Preservation of artistic heritage
  • Production of a music channel and recordings (Videos, Records ...) 
  • Personal investment in other sets 
  • Management and implementation of promotion and communication tools

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