Music in elementary school is perfect for self-awakening

  • Everyone’s curiosity and wonder. It is an essential tool in a life to uplift the mind and the heart. And I am also an artist musician who wonders how to teach music in elementary school, in order to promote transmission and allow music to stay alive.
  • Always with the safety gestures but precisely without barriers or hesitations.And what a marvelous reward to collect the amazed and amazed faces of these young people, these children, or our elders as well, discovering my instruments and their natural sounds. Few people actually can appreciate once in their life an instrument "making" the sound before their eyes.
  • With the cello, the viola da gamba, the hunting horn, the trombone, and others of your choice, I propose to present flagship instruments, from our heritage, especially acoustic! And also to enlist the services of colleagues for even more diversity.
  • For 20 to 30 minutes, I propose to take the audience on a small illustrated journey, with an assemblage of known and lesser known pieces, from classical and popular music. This trip can be followed by a question and answer session.
  • My great passion is to offer living music (primary school music and music school concert), up-to-date, luminous and rooted in our roots, in a collected moment, full of magic and poetry, according to your needs and necessities.

Also for medico-social establishments (EMS)

  • In the case of an EMS animation, the format will be rather that of a small concert of 30 to 45 minutes, alone or with several musicians.
  • My formula is flexible, functional, light in French-speaking Switzerland, Lausanne, Geneva, Morges, Yverdon-les-Bains, etc ...
  • The musician price (unit) depends on several criteria, but remains very affordable and around CHF 300 for half a day (one or more events).

Customer feedback :

« Mathieu is an outstanding musician, he is patient, calm and positive, respectful and an excellent teacher. He is an endearing and generous personality. It is a pleasure to work with him.»

(Suzanne, january 11, 2018)

Seeking musician for funeral services

  • Certain imperatives assail us and do not wait. Pain is part of our lives, just like our joys.
  • To humbly accompany these difficult moments, I put at your disposal some musical notes.
  • May she help ease and bring souls together above all else, and find some comfort and light despite the ordeal.
  • Allowing the music to be used during these tributes is to open a door to the immensity of our existence and to what connects us all:
  • Sounding an instrument connects us to the essential and helps us connect with our spiritual dimension.
  • A professional musician knows how to pay homage to a loved one, create a favorable moment of contemplation, respond to a particular wish, accompany a mourning, a funeral ...
  • My cello and I remain at your disposal and will be able to offer you a discreet, respectful and empathetic presence. 


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