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A very touching request - small private concert

How not to respond to this gentleman, who, strong in wanting to spend an exceptional moment with his wife, hired my musical services.

Their desire was simple, to escape for a while the confinement that raged this late last spring, and enjoy some musical arias just the two of them on the terrace of their garden ...

The cello ? It was obvious because, it was the instrument they had chosen to manifest themselves during their wedding ceremony.

Impeccable weather, a beautiful bird's eye view of a lake shining like a blue diamond ...
Safe distance respected, and it was launched for a moment suspended ...

A superb, flexible, mobile and efficient context to bring music to life and to which I am always happy to respond.
Mission accomplished !

If you too would like to create a special setting, and experience a rare and quality moment, do not hesitate to order the presence of the cello.
For a fraction of an hour, there, right in front of your nose and some popular tunes:
At your service !

When music comes to applied physics !

When music comes to applied physics !

One of my grown up student became so impressed by the interaction between those 2 frequencies that she instantly became an amazed child back. She played with the button and knew all the sudden how to tune it.
Magical moment of teaching.

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Duo Rythmosis - new video

A video produced in support of all the actions carried out in favour of a vibrant culture, diversity and peace in the world during the COVID crisis of Spring 2020.
Recorded and mixed during the lockdown, at home.